Meet my nephew, Rent. He has long limbs and a healthy appetite. He enjoys listening to country music, reading stories with his dad, and swinging with his mama on the front porch swing. Although we live 1000 miles apart, I had the sweet opportunity to meet and photograph him when he was only five days old. What fun! Thanks to my mom for being there to help position and soothe the baby, reflect window light, fold linens, and keep track of my trail of photography equipment. Congrats to my lovely sister and brother in law… All my love from Vermont! xoxo

Posted by Buffy Dekmar, a Vermont family photographer, specializing in thoughtful film imagery of the beautiful nuances of real life. Contact:

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Family Portrait Session Tip: Let the children be children. This is what you will want to remember! See James running with a stick? That is James. He was pretending it was a sword and he could not have been happier!

Story: I met this couple several years ago as the wedding photographer for their cousin down in South Georgia. It has been an honor to travel back down south to photograph their family on two occasions now. Big sister Esther was a feisty little doll baby during our first encounter and she was even more adorable this last time we played together. She and I took the camera outside, just the two of us, for my warm-up shots. We agreed that being photographed can be embarrassing, but I explained that it would be worth the embarrassment to surprise her mom and dad with some sweet portraits of her. (They were still inside getting ready.) It took a little coaxing, but Esther obliged. By the end of our photo session, she was even ready to do some shooting herself. Little Brother, James, is equally fill of personality. I needed to employ a high shutter speed to keep up with his energy! Marriott and Jimmy, I commend your responsibility and grace in raising and entertaining such inquisitive and beautiful children. Well done, friends.

Buffy Dekmar is a Family and Lifestyle Photographer, based in Burlington, Vermont. Please use to contact tab above or email for information on planning your next family photos!

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Bringing home baby is a unique and special time. I am always humbled by the opportunity to enter a family’s space as they assemble and settle into their new life as a family, finally complete for the time being. While newborn portrait sessions are about the tiny baby first and foremost, I especially love documenting the interactions between individuals. Visions of newness.

Are you expecting a new addition to your little tribe? I am Buffy Dekmar, a Vermont family photographer, specializing in authentic portraits of children and couples. I am available throughout New England and for a handful of Georgia sessions each year. Let’s connect. Enquire at


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Beauty in the everyday, light in the simplest of moments. I am so glad that I snapped a few photos of Lauren and her little ones during a lull in an editorial photo shoot collaboration at RiverOaks in Charleston, South Carolina. These few simple photos speak to the loveliness not only of the organic, European lifestyle at RiverOaks, but also to the warmth in the hearts and faces there. These people are golden and their tenderness and grace emanate through every detail in the events they host. I highly recommend this place as a wedding venue.

Stay tuned for my favorite photos from the wedding editorial shoot we did there with Kaitlin Holland and Fern Studio, for Cottage Hill Magazine‘s Homecoming Issue.

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  1. Catherine D.

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous family, gorgeous light and gorgeous scenery! Absolutely lovely work.

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Caroline is a Chicago-based actor and musical performer. She also happens to be one of my adorable former brides. I was honored to photograph her wedding a couple of years ago, and I still hold on to the kind and gracious recommendation note her dad, Mike, sent after they received their wedding photos. This is the reason I do what I do: to create personal artwork from lasting memories that coincide with an ethereally warm rush of experiential goodness.

Mr. Mike’s note:

“We simply do not have the words to adequately describe the quality of service and the exquisiteness and timelessness of the images and moments that Buffy and her crew captured at our daughter’s recent wedding. This was the first wedding in our family, and you can imagine the myriad of details that had to be worked through with each of the vendors. However, once we selected Buffy as the photographer for our daughter’s wedding, everything related to that facet of the wedding flowed so very smoothly from there. From the pre-wedding planning, to the bridal portrait shots, to the pre-ceremony pictures, ceremony pictures, post-ceremony pictures, and reception pictures, Buffy and her staff were always three steps ahead of us. Everything was handled with care, thoughtfulness and professionalism. Any issues that unexpectedly surfaced were already handled before we even realized it. Both the posed images and the candid moments she captured were breathtaking. We could never have even hoped that the photographs from that special day would turn out so incredibly well. As the father of the bride, my main goal was to put the processes in place to allow the wedding day to flow as smoothly as possible. Not only did Buffy need absolutely no direction from me in that regard, she actually gave me some tips regarding other aspects of the wedding that helped me keep the other facets of the wedding day flowing smoothly. Buffy’s talent with a camera is truly unsurpassed. We would whole-heartedly and unequivocally recommend Buffy to be your wedding photographer. We can assure you beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will not be disappointed. We are in love with our daughter’s wedding photos!”

I enjoyed catching up with Caroline and hearing how she and Peter have been blessed in their marriage thus far. They are such great people. I’m so thankful for clients like them.

Caroline’s Actress Headshots // Seed Studio Atlanta

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  1. Anna K.

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful work as always!

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Elli’s beloved “Papi” wanted nothing for Christmas, except a happy family. She and her beautiful mom Peggi wanted to show him just that. Here are a few photos we created together on a morning off from kindergarten in the Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. These lifestyle images made such a beautiful Queensberry album as a surprise gift for Papi. Can’t wait to show you the rest!

Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I hope you like what you see. I am Buffy Dekmar, a fine art film photographer, specializing in natural portraits and meaningful wedding photos. Please have a cup of tea and stay here awhile. If you’d like a personal set of photos to call your own, please contact me through the “connect” tab in the menu above. xo

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  1. molly

    these are so gorgeous! I love them!

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