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I remember the first time I talked to Amy on the phone. I asked her what she was most excited about in planning for her wedding to Mike. Either she knew what I wanted to hear or she really was going to be my ideal client. She responded that they were planning an entire holiday weekend for their Old Edwards wedding celebration and the thing she was most excited about was having some relaxing time to spend with so many people they love and cherish. She wasn’t kidding. This celebration was deliberately crafted to center around gratitude and respectful love.

We celebrated Amy and Mike’s wedding alongside them and their cherished family and friends on a Memorial Day weekend in Highlands, North Carolina. It was a joy to photograph the personalities and thoughtful details. The Farm at Old Edwards Inn provided the perfect setting for that sweet gathering the bride and groom envisioned and put so much heart into planning. A few of these photos were featured in Smitten Magazine, thanks to the love and efforts of Amy and Mike, their families, and their talented team of wedding vendors: Amy Osaba, Belle of the Ball, CRUSH, Old Edwards, Artista, Vera Wang, Brown Linen, Heartstone Films, and more. Visit Smitten to read about it, or even better, find it in print!


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  1. Mary Ann Sacharov, Mother of the Groom

    It certainly was a beautiful weekend that will be cherished forever. Thank you for capturing these special moments that we will cherish for eternity!

  2. Mittie King (grandmother )

    I have never attended a more beautiful wedding and. It is wonderful to have the photos to keep it fresh in our memories, they are so well done.

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Buffy Dekmar BuffyDekmar_0646 Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer BuffyDekmar_0659 BuffyDekmar_0663 BuffyDekmar_0662 BuffyDekmar_0664 Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont PhotographerBurlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont Photographer Burlington Vermont PhotographerBurlington Vermont PhotographerBurlington Vermont Photographer

It still feels strange to call myself a Burlington Vermont Photographer. I suppose 2015 was an interesting year full of growth, transition, and celebrations! When winter melted away, we suddenly found that we actually do feel at home in our new town of Burlington, Vermont. We will continue to travel at every opportunity, but we have decided to move our official business “home base” to Vermont! While we are surprisingly comfortable here in Burlington, even the most seasoned Vermonters found the need to escape the cold of last winter… Thankfully, a family vacation in February found us in South America for our first visit south of the equator!

In March, we traveled westward to photograph a precious wedding in Southern California, then to Cabo for a mini work-cation! It seems that each season except summer provided a chance to slip back to our southern roots, with wedding and portrait photography work throughout our home state of Georgia, as well as across the southeast from Mississippi to North Carolina. (Hello, barbecue and biscuits!) Summer was best spent in New England, with plenty of juniper-breezy lake time and wedding commissions in New Hampshire and Connecticut. Visits from our family were the highlight, as we were able to share our favorite parts of our new home: the lake and mountain views and farm-to-table fare! September saw us back to California, this time further north for a beautiful vineyard wedding, just north of Sonoma. New and challenging personal endeavors kept us sharp and entertained between the weddings, and life continues to feel astoundingly and undeservedly sweet.

We were honored to photograph [and celebrate] the weddings of several of our closest friends and family this past year, as well as my baby brother’s high school graduation and my longest lasting best friend’s business grand opening. We are ever grateful for the experiences and the visceral inspiration, but the piece we hold onto the tightest is the personal connections–the humanness of each picture we snapped–and the mutual trust that makes the art real and honest. Thank you, my dears! Let’s see what 2016 will be like.

All photography copyright Buffy Dekmar, of Buffy Dekmar Photography, a Burlington Vermont photographer, specializing in fine art film photography and classic, natural, editorial style. Many wedding professionals contributed to the floral design, hair and makeup, wardrobe, venues, and coordinating in the photos above. Please get in touch for more information about contributors and/or photography.

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BuffyDekmar_0148 BuffyDekmar_0164 BuffyDekmar_0166 BuffyDekmar_0149 BuffyDekmar_0150 BuffyDekmar_0146 BuffyDekmar_0173 BuffyDekmar_0180 BuffyDekmar_0152 BuffyDekmar_0153 BuffyDekmar_0155 BuffyDekmar_0179 BuffyDekmar_0178 BuffyDekmar_0147BuffyDekmar_0165BuffyDekmar_0159BuffyDekmar_0144BuffyDekmar_0168 BuffyDekmar_0158 BuffyDekmar_0145 BuffyDekmar_0160 BuffyDekmar_0167 BuffyDekmar_0157 BuffyDekmar_0154 BuffyDekmar_0143 BuffyDekmar_0142 BuffyDekmar_0141 BuffyDekmar_0170 BuffyDekmar_0172 BuffyDekmar_0163 BuffyDekmar_0162 BuffyDekmar_0161


Sharing a little preview of this Southern California Blomgren Ranch Wedding of two of my dearest friends. I am honored to have been chosen as their photographer, especially since the lovely bride is a talented film photographer herself (and because the groom obviously has good taste). These are two of the kindest, most generous souls on the planet and being their friend is a constant blessing. (These pictures are fresh from the photo lab! I am usually a bit of a stickler for couples seeing their wedding photos in print for the first time, rather than on a computer screen, but a tiny preview never hurts, right? And I didn’t share ALL my favorites.)

Hugs to the team who helped make the day so beautiful! // Hair and Makeup: Veil of Grace // Gown: Francesca Miranda // Venue: Blomgren Ranch // Planning and Coordination: Tricia Dahlgren Events // Floral Design: White Fig Designs // Film Photography: Buffy Dekmar Photography // Photography Assistance: Dekmar Films // Cinematography: 0816 Productions // Entertainment: Diego’s Umbrella


4 Responses to Blomgren Ranch Wedding – Lisa & Cyrus

  1. nina

    LOVE these SO SO SO much!!! You did an AMAZING job! Lisa and Cyrus are so incredibly kind and generous! You are right! Love them, and love these photos!

  2. Barb Poole

    What a great job of capturing their souls!

  3. Urška Majer

    What a beautiful wedding 🙂

  4. […] To view more photos from Lisa and Cyrus’s wedding check our her incredible photographer, Buffy Dekmar Photography. […]

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Oh, Charleston weddings, how I love you! I know no other city more charming than The Holy City. Cobblestone, horse drawn carriages, history, and Spanish moss are the beauty that abounds here. Toss in an Atlantic sea breeze and a pretty couple in love, and I’m in film photography heaven. This particular set of photos is part of an editorial I was honored to shoot at RiverOaks Charleston, for Cottage Hill Magazine’s Homecoming Issue, with a wonderfully kind and talented team (listed and linked below).

When Kaitlin Holland reached out to me about collaborating in a Charleston wedding editorial, I was immediately onboard because of how I love shooting in Charleston. However, having shot mostly in downtown Charleston and on old plantations in the area, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a unique Charleston wedding venue. RiverOaks combines the quintessential low-country coastal vibe of Charleston with a distinct European countryside experience. The Spanish moss hangs low above organic vegetable garden beds and there is a chicken coop in the distance. Marianne’s soft and warm demeanor radiated through the nuances of the whole property, and Lauren’s children ran happily around the wedding cake. I cherish the experience of this day because of the connections made during our shoot.

Gold on white, grey linen, with touches of light pink , oyster shells, barefoot children… What’s not to love?  Kaitlin really outdid herself on styling this one. The stunning yet playful lettering of scripture and hymns created the perfect balance between whim and reverence. We planned and photographed this event to inspire brides, but really I think we were all inspired ourselves.

Hugs to the team! // Design: Kaitlin Holland // Editorial Sponsor: Cottage Hill Magazine // Venue: RiverOaks Charleston // Makeup: Dannon K Collard  // Lettering: Lettered Life // Floral Design: Fern Studio // Rentals: Simply Put Vintage // Hair: Hair by Alise B. // Dress: White Dresses Boutique // Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaids // Photography: Buffy Dekmar


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Buffy Dekmar-56 Buffy Dekmar-57 Buffy Dekmar-67 Buffy Dekmar-65 Buffy Dekmar-68 Buffy Dekmar-7 Buffy Dekmar-6 Buffy Dekmar-75 Buffy Dekmar-76 Buffy Dekmar-64 Buffy Dekmar-69 Buffy Dekmar-16 Buffy Dekmar-18 Buffy Dekmar-19 Buffy Dekmar-17 Buffy Dekmar-28 Buffy Dekmar-60 Buffy Dekmar-20 Buffy Dekmar-21 Buffy Dekmar-23 Buffy Dekmar-22 Buffy Dekmar-26 Buffy Dekmar-27 Buffy Dekmar-25 Buffy Dekmar-24 Buffy Dekmar-8 Buffy Dekmar-15 Buffy Dekmar-14 Buffy Dekmar-13 Buffy Dekmar-12 Buffy Dekmar-29 Buffy Dekmar-30 Buffy Dekmar-31 Buffy Dekmar-41 Buffy Dekmar-37 Buffy Dekmar-39 Buffy Dekmar-38 Buffy Dekmar-40 Buffy Dekmar-34 Buffy Dekmar-32 Buffy Dekmar-53 Buffy Dekmar-52 Buffy Dekmar-50 Buffy Dekmar-54 Buffy Dekmar-35 Buffy Dekmar-36 Buffy Dekmar-59 Buffy Dekmar-55 Buffy Dekmar-58 Buffy Dekmar-49 Buffy Dekmar-47 Buffy Dekmar-46 Buffy Dekmar-45 Buffy Dekmar-33 Buffy Dekmar-51 Buffy Dekmar-11 Buffy Dekmar-9 Buffy Dekmar-10 Buffy Dekmar-63 Buffy Dekmar-1 Buffy Dekmar-62 Buffy Dekmar-61 Buffy Dekmar-79 Buffy Dekmar-3 Buffy Dekmar-80 Buffy Dekmar-2 Buffy Dekmar-72 Buffy Dekmar-71 Buffy Dekmar-73

The guests repeatedly commented that the wedding day perfectly embodied the couple’s style and personalities. No moment felt forced or contrived. In lieu of renting a venue for the day, the bride and groom spent the months leading up to their Atlanta backyard wedding day renovating a home together and creating the perfect gathering place in their own back yard. A children’s fashion designer and a helicopter pilot, Callen and Danny compliment each other well; as a couple they fall into the sweet spot between practicality, creativity, and ingenuity. This wedding day was relaxed and celebratory. There was nothing to worry about and even if there had been, I am pretty sure everyone involved would have either ignored it or laughed and moved on.

Callen and Danny, thank you for including us in your beautiful backyard wedding celebration. It couldn’t have been more lovely! xo

Floral Design and Decor: Amy Osaba Events // Catering: Sun in my Belly // Gown: Leanne Marshall via The Sentimentalist Atlanta // Hair: Katie Ballard // Makeup: Sarai Trammell // Ceremony Music: Luna Strings // Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder // Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab // Photography: Buffy Dekmar

One Response to callen & danny – a backyard wedding

  1. Karena Dixon

    I’m dying over the flower girl in Chucks! So adorable. And the strings of flowers as a table sir.t What a charming wedding!

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serenbe-wedding-photographerfilm-wedding-photographybuffy-dekmar-wedding film-wedding-photographer georgia-film-photographer serenbe-wedding-photographer film-photography-serenbe southeast-film-photographer film-wedding-photographer amy-osaba-flower-crown east-coast-film-photographer serenbe-wedding-photographer natural-wedding-photosgeorgia-film-photographer best-atlanta-photographersserenbe-wedding-photography east-coast-film-photographers film-photographer-georgia atlanta-film-photographer east-coast-film-photographer natural-wedding-photography film-photography-wedding buffy-dekmar-photography serenbe-wedding-film-photos amy-osaba-wedding spring-wedding-serenbe serenbe-film-photography serenbe-wedding-photographer georgia-wedding-video buffy-dekmar-photography vermont-film-photographer boston-film-photographer georgia-fine-art-wedding

buffy-dekmar-amy-osaba serenbe-wedding-photography buffy-dekmar-photography boston-film-photographeramy-osaba-bouquet film-reception-photo buffy-dekmar-photo

A spring day at Serenbe Farms that was filled with the most natural joy. Sunshine, baby farm animals, a soft breeze, two people in love (surrounded by even more love). Probably one of the most relaxed and happy brides I have ever seen, with a kindhearted groom who suits her so well. It’s easy to see why this was one of my favorite Serenbe wedding days ever. The couple and the team were equally wonderful! Big hugs and a kiss to the ones who made it remarkable. It’s days like this one that I live for.

Amy Osaba Events // Dekmar Films // Sun in My Belly // Kimberly Mack // Winnie Couture // Serenbe Farms // Yes Ma’am Paper // Meredith Mejerle for AO // Rebekah Moody for AO // Ink & Honey

One Response to Allison & Brandon

  1. Lisa O'Dwyer

    So amazing! This is the most perfect wedding for sure! You have captured their day beautifully and sensitively!

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