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Sarah Chancey | Chancey Charm Event Design

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Among the creatives of Atlanta are the curators and the conceptualizers. This week’s featured artist is all three. Sarah Chancey works with engaged couples to help them conceptualize the environments in which they would like to celebrate their wedding. Dreams are transformed into reality in an almost scientific way, as Sarah uses her background in interior design (and her remarkable ability to see and create beauty) to render the environment that suits each client’s fancy, and then she carefully culminates a group of vendors who will help her realize the vision. Sarah isn’t just another gal who woke up one morning and called herself a wedding planner. She is a designer. She is a talented problem solver and a logistical genius. She is calm, graceful, and easy to approach. Read below to find out a little bit more about the beautiful heart and soul behind Chancey Charm Event Design!


Name and age: Sarah Chancey
Current neighborhood: Decatur, GA
Hometown: I’ve lived all around the metro area, but Athens has my heart!

What brought you to (or kept you in, or brought you back to) Atlanta?
My husband, Chris, and I recently moved back to Atlanta from a three year adventure in Denver, Colorado. Though we enjoyed everything the Rockies had to offer, we always felt drawn back to the sweet, southern metropolis. Thankfully our families and the unique culture that makes Atlanta home, welcomed us back with open arms!

How do you pay the bills? What is your “slash”? 
Chancey Charm was my “slash” for many years, and I am now thankful every morning when I can wake up and do what I love with my full attention. I was previously working in marketing and events for Chick-fil-A in Denver. Once I made the leap to full time, I saw a huge difference in the growth of my company.

What do you create?
I’ve developed a unique design process, using my degree in Art-Interior Design as a foundation, which uses design boards and hand drawn renderings to create one of a kind weddings and events.

What do you collect?
I have an obsession with farmer’s markets, which is obviously difficult to collect. However, I have taken amateur photos of fruits and veggies across America at these organic gatherings to capture the essence of what makes them so special. My favorites hang in our kitchen and fill our home with color and memories of our travels.

Your favorite artist now and as a child:
I have always adored Monet. I know, I know, everyone loves Monet.  But, I am truly captivated by the life and colors in his paintings.  I recently designed a shoot based completely around his mural-sized triptych entitled Water Lilies, which is featured at MOMA in New York City.

Last memorable home-cooked meal:
We are self-proclaimed foodies and live in Decatur…so why would we ever eat at home?!

An only in Atlanta moment:
We lived in Inman Park for the past year and enjoyed our nightly jaunts around the neighborhood. Sundays were my favorite. Only in Atlanta can you gorge on delicious pastries at Highland Bakery, have a soulful worship experience at Blueprint Church, and stroll down the belt-line to Piedmont Park while munching on a frozen treat from King of Pops!

A favorite local business:
I am a huge fan of Wellspring Treasures in the Virginia Highlands.  I enjoy getting lost sifting through the many eclectic items this boutique has to offer.  More impressive than their unique inventory, is the mission behind this shop, which supports Wellspring in rescuing girls from the sex-trade in Atlanta.

Favorite way or place to unwind:
I am a foodie to the core.  So, my favorite way to unwind is over a good meal with my hubby!  Our current obsession is Goin Coastal in the VA Highlands.

Latest great adventure:
Last January, Chris and I went to the Dominican Republic to visit some of the clients served by the organization Chris works for, HOPE International. HOPE helps people in third-world countries start their own businesses. We spent a few days deeply engaging with the culture of the island and listening to the stories of many of HOPE’s clients. It was incredible to see the dignity these women possessed, in the midst of adversity, and the success they were achieving in their work. We also went whale watching off the Northern coast, which is a story for another day!

Favorite international city? (And why?)
Fun question!  Chris and I honeymooned in Oia, Santorini, Greece, the MOST beautiful place on earth. While there, we explored the many eclectic elements of this historic city and beautiful island, and enjoyed every small town and beach it had to offer.  Words cannot express the inherent beauty of Santorini, where the entire island stops at sunset to admire God’s creation.

If you had to move to another country, which would you choose, and why?
After college, I spent a few weeks in Sevilla, Spain.  I fell in love with the food, the people, the coast, and the sunshine.  I could certainly see myself working in a small boutique in Spain and spending most of my time perfecting the art of the flamenco!

What song do you love most (or what’s on your playlist now)?
I love a VERY wide variety of music.  I’m talkin Taylor Swift to Lecrae.  A dancer throughout my adolescent years, music moves me.  I love it.  I’m often the crazy girl driving next to you on the highway with the windows all rolled down, music blasting, signing at the top of my lungs. It’s my happy place. Currently, I am loving Avicil’s Wake Me Up.

A lesson you’ve learned the hard way:
Being an entrepreneur is certainly a process of failing forward. Over the past few years, I’ve learned not to fear competition.  Embrace it. Encourage it. Competition can motivate you to re-examine, innovate, and more intentionally serve your niche client.

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