Hello | Buffy Dekmar
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I am Buffy, a Vermont family photographer. Nothing delights me more than being let in and fully trusted.


I began my career in early childhood education, before embarking down the excitingly scenic route of wedding photography. I was fortunate enough to photograph over 100 weddings across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe, and to see my work published widely online and in print, in The Knot, Once Wed, Wedding Sparrow, Style Me Pretty, Cottage Hill Magazine, Southern Weddings, and others.


In 2014, I moved from Georgia to Vermont in support of my husband’s career, which afforded me the opportunity to take a step back and decide where my path should turn next. Through a personal wellness transformation, I discovered the culmination of my favorite parts of work and life in the healthcare arena and decided to pursue medical education.


Amidst medical school preparations, my roots in the arts and in service have deepened, through the study of darkroom photography techniques and new endeavors in patient care. I strongly believe in the power of art, and it is my honor to create personal artwork for my photography clients, my family and friends, and the patients whom I serve through an integrative arts in medicine volunteer program at the University of Vermont Medical Center.


As your family photographer, my mission is to create a collection of photographs that will become heirlooms. This is your family history and it’s important. Trust me.