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To me, wedding photos signify the official beginning of a couple’s family history together. No matter what the photos look like, they will be handed down from the bride and the groom to their future children, grandchildren, and beyond. Years from now, someone will hold a photo that I have created and smile, knowing that their family is deeply rooted in love. This is what is important about the job that I do. This is why I am grateful for each opportunity to photograph a wedding. I believe that my clients deserve the best possible photographs, embodying the love that they share with one another and the love and beauty that surrounds them on their wedding day. I also believe in printed photographs, which are always included with the photography services that I provide.

In addition to their box of printed photos, many of my couples and families choose to invest in a photo album–a┬ákeepsake that will preserve the photos within it. Of the dozens of outstanding wedding album companies, I have chosen to partner with Queensberry because I feel that the care put into creating these albums rivals the care my team and I have put into creating the images within them (and that is a great deal of care). I have an appreciation for all things timeless and elegant, hand-crafted and customized, and I want my clients’ albums to be of heirloom quality. I also want the aesthetic of each album to complement the aesthetic of the photographs it holds. And with Queensberry, I find just that.

Pictured above: 12×12 rose gold silk wedding album (classic matted), and a 7×7 platinum silk parent copy (modern flush mount).