Bryson & Luke

By June 1stOctober 19th, 20205 Comments

In a few too-short years, Luke and Bryson will look back on their childhood and they will undoubtedly smile. They might remember milk and cookies, sword fights and stories in the tree house, cooling off with popsickles and an afternoon swim, and running to meet daddy after work and waiting for him to saddle the horses. They may or may not recall pillow fights and bug collecting. They might remember being photographed. Bryson might be a famous guitar player and Luke may grow into a real live super hero, and if they do, they’ll say, “I told you so.” But this is certain: they will look back and they will smile.

A day in the life. Luke and Bryson. July 2012.

Treehouse: John Lupien // T-shirts: Mini Boden // Collared Shirts: Gap Kids



  • Megan says:

    These wonderful boys are my nephews and you just put a huge smile on my face! I love this!

  • buffy says:

    These are two of the sweetest, friendliest, most adorable little boys I have ever met, Megan! Thank you for sharing them with me for a day. And stay tuned for some photos of precious Henry coming soon to this very blog. xo!

  • Kristin says:

    Oh wow, these are brilliant and amazing and so full of LIFE!! I absolutely adore the entire set. Handsome boys who are oh so lucky to have an amazing tree house! Wow!!

  • Odalys Mendez says:

    Buffy these are great! I love the underwater photos!

  • Nina says:

    These are FANTASTIC!!! What a beautiful session, which not only is composed and lit beautifully, but also reflects their personalities so well. I feel like I know these boys and what they love just by looking at these photos. Well done!

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