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Kathryn McCrary | Photographer

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I first met Kathryn at an editorial photo shoot where she had agreed to model for a bridal design inspiration piece for a magazine spread. She was a joy to photograph, and we became instant friends. It wasn’t until later that I learned what a talented photographer Kathryn is in her own right. She is an inspiration to me in all sorts of ways, and I’m so excited to share these photos of her in her luminous space with her darling dog, Penny. Friends are just grand, aren’t they? Especially stylish, beautiful, talented, and kind ones. Enjoy.


Name and age: Kathryn McCrary | 26
Current neighborhood: Loring Heights in West Midtown
Hometown: Tampa, Florida

What brought you to (or kept you in, or brought you back to) Atlanta?
We moved to Atlanta almost 3 years ago because of my husband’s job. We have loved making Atlanta our home!

What is your job? If it weren’t that, what would it be?
I own my own lifestyle portrait photography business and freelance for commercial products and food. I can’t really imagine doing anything else right now. I love everything about my photography business (minus taxes) and how it allows me to combine all of my loves into one. In high school, I made a list of all the things I loved to do when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be as an adult. On the list I remember putting people, kids, crafting, graphic design, photography, interior design, editing, yearbook, and arranging to name a few. I feel so blessed to get to incorporate all of those loves into my job in some sort of fashion. What I would give to find that list!

What do you create?
I create imagery that leads to lasting memories and tells visual stories of relationships and conveys a message for brands.

What do you collect?
I don’t really have any specific collection I’m known for. Things I have way too many multiples of : grey v-neck tees, ivory candles, sharpies, and picture frames.

Your favorite artist now and as a child:
My favorite artist now is Jacques Lowe. His photos of JFK’s time in the White House are perfect. As a child, I loved Shel Silverstein’s witty poems and doodles and could practically recite them.

Last memorable home-cooked meal:
Lets see, I guess homemade roasted tomato basil soup and big kid grilled cheese with fancy cheese and bacon of course.

An only in Atlanta moment:
Chatting with Andre 3000 in the milk aisle at Whole Foods.

A favorite local business:
This is a really hard one. There are so many great local businesses in Atlanta! Okay, Ona Atlanta for little gifts, Tweeds for my husband, Empire State South for Sunday brunch, Star Provisions for lunch + gifts for myself, Monday Night Brewery for happy hour, The Optimist for dinner, and then Honeysuckle Gelato for dessert. Yep, I think I just described my favorite day.

Favorite way or place to unwind:
Boca Grande, Florida. I have been vacationing on that island since I was seven and I love returning every year. So many special memories on that beach with family and friends throughout the years. The beach is so calming and allows me to breathe and just be at peace with life.

If you were an animal, which would you be?
Honestly, a cat. Before you judge, think about it; they get to sleep all day long, do whatever they want, and still are taken care of.

Latest great adventure:
We have been trying to enjoy the little moments of Spring and get out and explore our city. Last weekend, we spent the day out and about with Penny pup at Piedmont Park and walked the Eastside Beltline to Dancing Goats and then ended the day walking around Virginia Highlands. It was so nice to get out and just enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer.

Favorite US city? Favorite international city? (And why?)
Well before this winter, I would have said New York City. But seeing how I am not a fan of freezing, I choose Charleston, South Carolina. I have only been there once, but I fell in love with the beautiful colors of the coast, architectural designs, and of course the seafood! My favorite international city would have to be Paris, France. My husband and I dated long distance for three years of college (yep!) and we spent one summer together studying and working abroad in London. I loved London so much, but my favorite weekend was when we went to Paris. The baguettes, the Louvre, the wide streets, the sparkling Eiffel Tower; I loved it all.

If you had to move to another country, which would you choose, and why?
I would choose England because London is amazing and I love British people. Plus, they speak English, but get to say cute things like “fringe” and “wellies”.

Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween:
One year I convinced my husband to dress up with me as Doug and Patty Mayonnaise. Probably not that “cool” but we were cute.

What is your favorite dessert?
I need to buy stock in Jeni’s Ice Cream since I seem to find myself there every other week since it opened. Also love chocolate chip walnut cookies maybe a little too much.

What is your favorite artifact, heirloom, or art piece in your home?
We have photos of all of our grandparents on their wedding days framed in our sun room that I love and are so special to us. My favorite heirloom would have to be one of my grandmother’s rings that I wear almost every day. As for art piece, the Britt Bass painting we have in our living room is amazing.

If you could have your own photo session anywhere in Atlanta, where would you choose and why?
I would probably want to have the session start in my house and then end at Piedmont Park. I love the intimacy of being in our home and capturing this time in our life and Piedmont Park is just so beautiful with so many diverse photo spots.

Concerts or museums?
Museums for sure. I love dancing and listening to music, just not standing in a crowded room with a bunch of strangers for several hours. Museums are so peaceful and I get so much inspiration from seeing other artists’ work.

Sweet or savory (or your favorite brunch menu item)?
My favorite brunch is Empire State South; their bagel sandwiches, pimento cheese with bacon goodness, and sweet Georgia coffee are all I need.

Favorite dog breed:
I guess I’m going to have to say Brittany Spaniel now, since that’s the breed of our Penny pup. Brittanys definitely are energetic and require a lot of exercise, but they are the sweetest cuddle pups ever. Penny has stollen my heart so much that she even has her own Instagram @pennymccrary

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