Wednesday Friends Day

Wednesday Friends Day: Samantha Ward

By April 9thOctober 18th, 2020No Comments

sam-wardAs a photographer, it’s easy to become friends with other photographers. Especially photographers with warm hearts and gentle spirits. And big sparkly brown eyes that smile effortlessly. Sam Ward is one of the photographers who attended our beloved Retreat Rome. She was somewhat the life of the party and had us all laughing too hard to breathe at some point throughout our three-day getaway. She’s hilarious.


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{Wednesday Friends Day is a simple project with a simple purpose. I have collected quite a few portraits of my friends throughout my time as a photographer. This project helps me to reflect on those portraits and reconnect with or just be thankful for these precious people. I’ll be sharing an anecdote or something I love about each person pictured here in this series. If you’re not pictured here and you’d like to be, then let’s be friends. If we already are friends, then it’s only a matter of time.}


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