Engagement Style for Guys

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Outfit Ideas for Men

Midtown, Atlanta

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What should a guy wear to an enagement photo session? Well it depends on his build, personality, and style, of course. However, there are a few guiding principles that almost always apply.

1 – Ensure proper fit. Trying on clothing items well in advance of the day of the shoot will help him look and feel his best during the photo shoot.

2 – Use layers and accessories to add interest. Without upstaging the bride-to-be, let’s add subtle style and rich texture with leather shoes and belt, a vest, or a jacket and tie. A small bit of pattern is okay as long as it doesnt compete with the environment and the other elements of the surrounding. (And again, don’t steal the focus from the lady.)

3 – Take extra care to be well-groomed, well-hydrated, and happy. Eat and drink (water), shave (or trim), floss, brush, apply hair product and maybe even a tiny bit of tinted moisterizer on your face if needed. Your fiancee has put a lot of effort into the way these photos will turn out. Let’s look clean and healthy.

4 – Have fun! The purpose of engagement photos is to show love and personality. It’s more of an exciting activity than a chore. Do your part to look dapper, and then make an event out of it and take her out on a date afterwards. Then when the photos come in, you’ll remember what a fun day it was!


Special Thanks to our good buddy Matt Weaver of Andover Trask, one of the most stylish guys we know, for helping us show off these three distinct engagement looks for guys. Be sure to visit our featured engagement sessions to see how some of our recent grooms-to-be have interpreted these style tips!

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