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Matt Weaver | Andover Trask

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One of my favorite things about this Atlanta Creates project is undoubtedly seeing creative people in their “natural habitats.” We didn’t start this project to see how our creative neighbors do what they do, but rather where they do it and why. The questions we ask aren’t about what they make, but about who they are and what fuels their creativity. When we are invited to step inside a maker’s home/studio, we can see first hand the environment that encompasses their craft. We find inpsiration in seeing these spaces, and we appreciate the opportunity to connect on a personal level.  Matt Weaver is a gentleman who has an abundance of style and a seriously long list of talents. His top-notch canvas bags are coveted by many, but there is far more to Mr. Weaver than utility totes and good hair. Please be our guest and read below to find out a little bit more about the personality behind Andover Trask and the fascinating space where these bags are created.


Name and age: Matt Weaver, age 27
Current neighborhood: I live at [a community in Midtown], but I can’t publicly disclose the name of my building, because they are after me for hammering rivets and making too much noise!
Hometown: Rome, Georgia

What brought you to (or kept you in, or brought you back to) Atlanta?
Vibrant creative culture and close proximity to my 3 year old nephew, with whom I’m obsessed (he lives in Rome).

How do you pay the bills? What is your “slash”? (i.e. teacher/ amateur cupcake baker)
I have like 3 slashes. I do Marketing and PR for Robert Brown Interior Design from nine to five, and social media and website building on a freelance basis.

What do you create?
Andover Trask bags, made from sturdy canvas and leather and hand hammered rivets.

What do you collect?
Apparently gin. Does that count? St. George Terroir is my favorite.

Your favorite artist now and as a child:
I suspect you are asking about visual artists, but I’m gonna cheat and give you my favorite singers: My favorite band as an adult is First Aid Kit; as a kid, I’m embarrassed to say it was Jewel.

Last memorable home-cooked meal:
One of the perks of being a Southerner is going home and eating homemade buttermilk biscuits. My sister made a pretty unforgettable pan of them a couple of weeks ago when I went home, so we ate biscuits and carved pumpkins.

An only in Atlanta moment:
Here’s goes my dignity: lining up at 11pm on Friday to watch LaTisha perform at Blake’s.

A favorite local business:
TWEEDS Shop on the Westside.

Favorite way or place to unwind:
I like to draw architecture–remind me and I’ll show you some.

Favorite US city? (And why?)
Boston. Amazing history, really good transit, and a mere train ride away from Maine and NYC.

If you had to move to another country, which would you choose, and why?
Probably France, because David Sedaris makes it sound so quaint and funny.

What occupation did you want to do as a child?
I wanted to drive a school bus. How embarrassing!

What is your favorite dessert?
The german chocolate cheesecake at General Muir is pretty damn good.

What is your favorite artifact, heirloom, or art piece in your home?
Over my sewing machine I have a poster-size print of my grandfather working in a shoe shop in the 1940s.

What song do you love most (or what’s on your playlist now)?
Drinkin’ by Holly Williams. Found it randomly and can’t stop repeating it.

If you could have your own photo session anywhere in Atlanta, where would you choose and why?
At the Goat Farm. I love the history out there, and it’s cool that it isn’t all restored.

A lesson you’ve learned the hard way:
You can’t think your way through life. The only way to figure out what to do is to do–something.

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Atlanta Creates” is a project intiated by Buffy Dekmar Photography to build creative community and share the faces and personalities behind creative businesses in Atlanta.

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