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The summer before Miranda’s senior year, we had the opportunity to meet her in West Virginia for some portraits around the beloved homeplace where she grew up. From her pre school and church to her grandad’s house, we found our way through the places she holds near and dear: sunrise to sunset, stopping wherever the light moved us in between. One of my favorite places was the barn where her beloved “Buddy” lives. Miranda is full of life and energy and she isn’t afraid to get her feet dirty for a good photo. (My kind of girl!) We had so much fun at this session, trekking all over town and playing dress up. There are way too many photos from her senior photo shoot to make a blog post that makes good sense, but here are a few favorites…

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We hugged goodbye after our two days of summer fun, but we knew we’d keep in touch! Then at the end of Miranda’s senior year, I had the unique priviledge of photographing her again on her graduation weekend! Mercersberg Academy campus is absolutely beautiful, and it was fun to hear her stories about her four years there. We captured some sweet portraits around the grounds where so many memories had occured. I loved seeing how Miranda had matured over her senior year, capturing that on film, and watching her interact with her friends and family as she celebrated her completion of high school and the beginning of the next chapter!

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