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A Collection of Favorites

Just before the couple walks down the aisle.

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You may have read my take on a bride getting dressed and a groom being photographed with his mom in the beginning of my wedding series. The next on my list of favorite wedding day moments is a broad collection that encompasses a variety of pre-ceremony moments. None of my couples are exactly the same, but they do all tend to value relationships and connections. They are a little bit sentimental, and they love emotive photography that speaks to the genuine memories they will have from their wedding days. I spend time getting to know each bride and groom who hire me for their photography. I like to hear about their families and friends and then tell them the sweet moments that I anticipate taking place as they prepare for their ceremony. My hope is that we can plan for these moments to happen in front of the camera, as organically as possible and in beautiful lighting.

As a fine art photographer, my approach is neither completely photojournalistic nor wholly posed. One of my favorite things about my job is anticipating important memories and then subtly making sure that I am in place to capture them. As much as I like to capture candid moments, I also like for those candid moments to be cohesive with the portraiture I provide: subtle, soft, genuine, and in beautiful light. Whenever it won’t kill the spirit of the moment, I will prompt imminent interactions, exchanges, and ceremonious traditions to take place where I like the lighting and framing. For instance, I might say, “will you stand there in front of that beautiful window with your sister and just spend a few seconds talking about today,” or let’s go into this sunroom before your mom places the veil on your head.” My favorite of these sweet pre-ceremony interactions are group prayers, surprise gift exchanges, celebratory toasts, and of course, the moment when the bride’s daddy sees her all dressed and ready to walk down the aisle–the anticipation, the joy, the disbelief that the time is here at last. It makes me teary every single time.

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