Old Edwards Wedding | Designed by Amy Osaba

By January 23rdOctober 19th, 20202 Comments

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I remember the first time I talked to Amy on the phone. I asked her what she was most excited about in planning for her wedding to Mike. Either she knew what I wanted to hear or she really was going to be my ideal client. She responded that they were planning an entire holiday weekend for their Old Edwards wedding celebration and the thing she was most excited about was having some relaxing time to spend with so many people they love and cherish. She wasn’t kidding. This celebration was deliberately crafted to center around gratitude and respectful love.

We celebrated Amy and Mike’s wedding alongside them and their cherished family and friends on a Memorial Day weekend in Highlands, North Carolina. It was a joy to photograph the personalities and thoughtful details. The Farm at Old Edwards Inn provided the perfect setting for that sweet gathering the bride and groom envisioned and put so much heart into planning. A few of these photos were featured in Smitten Magazine, thanks to the love and efforts of Amy and Mike, their families, and their talented team of wedding vendors: Amy Osaba, Belle of the Ball, CRUSH, Old Edwards, Artista, Vera Wang, Brown Linen, Heartstone Films, and more. Visit Smitten to read about it, or even better, find it in print!


  • Mary Ann Sacharov, Mother of the Groom says:

    It certainly was a beautiful weekend that will be cherished forever. Thank you for capturing these special moments that we will cherish for eternity!

  • Mittie King (grandmother ) says:

    I have never attended a more beautiful wedding and. It is wonderful to have the photos to keep it fresh in our memories, they are so well done.

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