Family Portraits on Film | South Georgia

By March 22ndOctober 19th, 2020No Comments

Simple, classic, yet honest and real. This is what we were going for with this family portrait session. Nothing complicated or fussy, just the family being together, looking their best, and sharing some time together. 

When I first began offering family portrait sessions, I had a tendency to over-style these things. That was in the days before realtime sharing on instagram and snapchat, and I thought I needed to create an actual event with interesting memories, in order to give meaning to my photographs. There is a time and a place for event photography, but a portrait session is for portraits. 

For what I love to do, which is to draw out the visual qualities of human connections, all we need is togetherness and place.

Buffy Dekmar is a Vermont Family Photographer, specializing in natural portraiture of children and their parents. Contact: for more information about planning a portrait session!

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