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Meredith Mejerle | Large Format Film Photography

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We popped in on this little cutie just as she was preparing for her final art exhibition as a student at The University of Georgia. She was organizing prints that she had created from her large format film photos. Upon first glance, I wanted to know where she had found such an amazing little luminous cottage to photograph, but as I looked a bit closer, I realized she had created it. For her senior project, this talented lady built teeny tiny dollhouse-esque cottages and created miniature vignettes to photograph on large format film. Whoa. Who thinks of that? Meredith Mejerle, that’s who. And she is just as kind, warm, and gentle as she is creative and beautiful. She gifted us a print from her one-of-a-kind project and I am so excited to display it. Keep this gal on your radar. She’s going to do big things.

meredith mejerle

Name and age: Meredith Mejerle (almost 24 😉 )
Current Neighborhood: Athens, GA
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
What brought you to (or kept you in, or brought you back to) Atlanta?
My family moved to Atlanta when I was five and have lived in the same house since! I’m currently in Athens finishing up my Photography degree at UGA and looking forward to going back to Atlanta and finally beginning my life “in the real world” there.

How do you pay the bills? What is your “slash”?
I was fortunate enough to intern with Amy Osaba for about 2 years and now I am working as a designer for the company. For my photography degree, I had to have an internship with any creative for a semester. Sweet Amy saw something in me and here I am! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be playing flowers with some incredible ladies every week. In addition to working with flowers, I sell my art whether it is photography, handmade books, or little drawings. Something important to me is having my art affordable. If someone loves something, why wouldn’t you want him or her to have a piece?

What do you create?
It didn’t take me long to realize I am almost a replica of my Gran. Every time I visited she was starting a new quilt without finishing the previous and I loved it. I find myself doing the same thing. At UGA, I was so lucky to be able to get my feet wet in all areas of the art world. A little bit of woodshop, printmaking, letterpress…you name it. I revisit the skills I’ve learned over the years quite often. Photography is the one thing I’ve always created and something I’m most proud of. I took a leap of faith by changing my major from Advertising/Fashion Merchandising to Photography and it was the best scariest decision I’ve ever made.

What do you collect?
One of the many amazing things about being in art school is having such talented friends. Some of my most favorite pieces have been ones my friends were just going to throw away because of a fleck of dust in a print. I also love collecting art books. A personal favorite may be my Alec Soth book that I might have embarrassingly asked him to sign when I went to his lecture. He also might have drawn a heart on the page and made my own heart melt 😉

Your favorite artist now and as a child:
As a child Claude Monet and Edgar Degas were two of my absolute favorites. I remember trying to replicate their style in my art classes as a child when we had “Meet the Masters” day in class. I studied their art in college and was just as enamored by their work as I was at 10 years old. Two photographers I deeply admire are Alec Soth and Vivian Maeir. If you haven’t heard of Vivian Maeir and the incredible story behind her work, you MUST look out for the documentary about her in March. I tear up every time I watch the trailer.

Latest great adventure:
That would be a little afternoon trip to the Georgia Botanical Gardens because I got engaged to the most wonderful fella (he’s the one who pushed me to finally pursue art as a career)! Whoa! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. I replay that day in my head often.

What song do you love most:
Alexandre Desplat’s “L’abandon” is a definite favorite. I heard it first in Coco Avante Chanel and it is easily one of the most beautiful songs. Second would have to me “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing” by Bing Crosby. That song has a special place in my heart.
If you were going to write a book, what would be the title and what would it be about: I am not sure of the title but writing a children’s book is at the top of my to do list. It will be full of adventure and lovely things. I used to babysit some amazing kids who are practically my height now and reading to them before they went to sleep was always one of my favorite things.

Concerts or Museums?: Most definitely museums unless is a small music venue. Big crowds are not my favorite.

Favorite Dog Breed? We all know Yellow English Labs are the best. Sweet Macie has be the most amazing dog/friend/couch buddy.

Sweet or Savory: Savory all the way! Chips and Salsa will never get old.

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