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Wedding Series: Just Married

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This favorite wedding moment is kind of obvious, which isn’t usually my style… But who doesn’t love a bride and groom right after they’ve said “I do,” been introduced as the new “Mr. & Mrs.” and are walking back up the aisle as husband and wife? They see the glowing faces of all of those who have come to celebrate with them, and they can’t help but grin. Sometimes one or the other thinks to do some kind of celebratory gesture. Other times the groom can’t take his eyes off of his beloved. And then there are the couples who kiss spontaneously when they reach the end of the aisle. I love them all.

My priority as a wedding photographer is to create a set of meaningful and beautifully personal art work every time I pick up my camera. I’m shooting for the bride and groom first, but I’m also shooting for their families. I’m taking photos that will remind the couple of the love they share and the love that surrounds them. I want my photos to make the bride and groom’s parents proud to have cultivated an understanding of deep loving commitment in their children, and I want the couple’s future children to smile in comfort and trust when they stumble across these images in ten, twenty or even thirty years. This is my passion.

So it is for these reasons that I deliberately anticipate the moments throughout a wedding day that will shine with the love, kindness, and the couple’s intent to cherish each other always. Wedding photography is about more than just directing a beautifully natural portrait or documenting a couple’s style on film. In order to create timeless and pure imagery, I wait and watch intently for motion and emotion that will transcend style and trend–moments where joy trumps style and love overcomes any element of appearance. The bride and groom’s exit from the ceremony is one of those moments, without exception.

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