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Wedding Series: a private moment together

By January 5thOctober 18th, 2020One Comment

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Sunset. One of my favorite of life’s simple pleasures. The feeling that comes with a sigh after a big job has been successfully completed, a sweet hug when it’s been far too long, and a little something sweet after dinner… That is the feeling I find in the setting sun. A subtle relief and a pleasing light. And beside my husband is my favorite place to be when it comes. Quiet, still, content… But also exhilarated at the same time.

This is why I urge each of my couples to set aside ten minutes to experience the sunset together on their wedding day. To be still, be together, and be loved. The wedding day in its entirety is full of being celebrated, reminiscing on the moments that led to this one, and a rush of movement and emotions at the magnitude of the event at hand. Sunset is the perfect time of day for a bride and a groom slip away to somewhere quiet and just be. Along the way, the light is often perfect for a few amazing portraits together, so I unobtrusively suggest a few photo opportunities. Then the two embrace and watch golden-pink skylight turn to dusk. She rests against his chest and he rests his head onto hers. They close their eyes and smile with perfect contentment that this will be their happy place for years and years to come.

When my couples receive their box of wedding pictures, I want them to have memories and feelings associated with the photos. To me, wedding photography is about an incredible experience–something that deserves to be documented beautifully for more than just style and posterity. The memorable emotion is what turns a couple’s set of photos from a custom collection of art to a valuable piece of family history. Love, meaning, authenticity. This is what matters.

One Comment

  • Lauren Carnes says:

    This is such a great reminder of the purpose of wedding photos! Absolutely lovely!

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