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Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society

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Allison Rhee is a creative in every sense of the word. She is also kind, genuine, and beautiful. We enjoyed meeting her and watching her create something near and dear to her. For this feature, she talks about her lovely flower crown company, Flower Crown Society. Her pieces add such a sweet touch to any feminine photo shoot. Read her interview below to find out what else she’s up to and what fuels her creativity!


Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society


Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society


Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society


Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society


Allison Rhee | Flower Crown Society

Name and age: Allison Rhee, 26
Current neighborhood: North Druid Hills
Hometown: (this is always tough to answer…) I was born in Secaucus, NJ but was raised in Georgia.

What brought you to (or kept you in, or brought you back to) Atlanta?
I attended college in Boston, but returned back to Atlanta to be closer to family and friends.

How do you pay the bills? What is your “slash”? (i.e. teacher/ amateur cupcake baker)    
My full-time job is at a wholesale jewelry and accessories company, where I provide creative marketing services and e-commerce assistance. I also have two personal businesses: Enamored With, where I style events and shoots, as well as Flower Crown Society, where I create and sell flower crowns.

What do you create?
I create different things in different seasons, but right now I create flower crowns. I love creating something that women can wear and instantly feel beautiful.

What do you collect?
I love to collect postcards from around the world, matchboxes, and wine labels.

Your favorite artist now and as a child:
As a child, I loved my mom’s work. She used to mold these incredible pieces out of clay. They’re all on display at the house now – from floral wreaths to canvases. I still love and admire her work, but I currently love installation artists, such as Tara Donovan and Jeff Koons.

Last memorable home-cooked meal:
Thanksgiving! All my cousins and I decided to turn the tables this year and cook everything on our own without the help of our parents. It was a great bonding experience, and it really helped us appreciate our parents more for their hard work.

A favorite local business:
Oh, there are way too many to name but So Worth Loving is definitely up in my list. They are an amazing brand with an amazing message.

Favorite way or place to unwind:
I love to go for a run outside when the weather is perfect, then coming home and cooking dinner while drinking some wine.

Longest plane ride:
I’ve lived in 4 different continents over the past few years, but the longest plane ride was definitely the one to Cape Town, South Africa. With the connecting flights and waiting times, it took almost 24 hours from Atlanta to Cape Town!

If you were an animal, which would you be?
I may be biased because they’re my favorite, but I would love to be an elephant!

Latest great adventure:
Being engaged!! My fiance proposed at the end of June and it’s been a wonderful adventure since then.

Favorite US city? Favorite international city? (And why?)
Currently, my favorite US city is San Francisco. It reminds me so much of my favorite international city, Cape Town. They both have the best of everything – mountains, water, the city, parks, beauty, culture, etc.

Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween:
I dressed up as a donut this year! I’ve been crazily obsessed with them this year so decided it would be fitting. My fiance was a cup of coffee to go along with it 🙂

What song do you love most (or what’s on your playlist now)?
Burn by Ellie Goulding.

Favorite dog breed:
English and French bulldogs!


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