Wednesday Friends Day

Wednesday Friends Day: Tara Butterworth

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Tara Butterworth is a fellow film photographer, based across the country in Oregon. I met her at Retreat Rome and absolutely loved getting to know her! My favorite things about Tara are her unassuming courage and her gentle spirit. During our photographers retreat in Rome, I was separated from the group on a crowded commuter train full of tired Italians. Tara left our safe little group to come and sit with me so I didn’t have to ride alone. So kind.

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{Wednesday Friends Day is a simple project with a simple purpose. I have collected quite a few portraits of my friends throughout my time as a photographer. This project helps me to reflect on those portraits and reconnect with or just be thankful for these precious people. I’ll be sharing an anecdote or something I love about each person pictured here in this series. If you’re not pictured here and you’d like to be, then let’s be friends. If we already are friends, then it’s only a matter of time.}

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