A Backyard Wedding | Callen & Danny

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The guests repeatedly commented that the wedding day perfectly embodied the couple’s style and personalities. No moment felt forced or contrived. In lieu of renting a venue for the day, the bride and groom spent the months leading up to their Atlanta backyard wedding day renovating a home together and creating the perfect gathering place in their own back yard. A children’s fashion designer and a helicopter pilot, Callen and Danny compliment each other well; as a couple they fall into the sweet spot between practicality, creativity, and ingenuity. This wedding day was relaxed and celebratory. There was nothing to worry about and even if there had been, I am pretty sure everyone involved would have either ignored it or laughed and moved on.

Callen and Danny, thank you for including us in your beautiful backyard wedding celebration. It couldn’t have been more lovely! xo

Floral Design and Decor: Amy Osaba Events // Catering: Sun in my Belly // Gown: Leanne Marshall via The Sentimentalist Atlanta // Hair: Katie Ballard // Makeup: Sarai Trammell // Ceremony Music: Luna Strings // Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder // Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab // Photography: Buffy Dekmar

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  • Karena Dixon says:

    I’m dying over the flower girl in Chucks! So adorable. And the strings of flowers as a table sir.t What a charming wedding!

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