Late Summer Engagement Portraits | Sydney & Staale

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Sydney and Ståle have a love story that is almost like a fairytale. They met haphazardly through their jobs and each caught the other’s eye but neither thought a real relationship could form since the two had their own lives on two different continents. (Sydney is a Georgia girl and Ståle is from Norway.) 

They began talking one night after a convention they both had attended. A casual conversation turned into walk together down to a nearby harbor. The walk turned into hours of watching boats from the dock, laughing together until the early morning, and sharing their hopes, ambitions, beliefs, and cultures. They went their separate ways the next day, without even exchanging business cards. 

A week or two passed before Ståle found Sydney’s contact info through a mutual colleague, and he added her as a facebook friend. After a few months of keeping in touch through email, facebook, and phone calls, he surprised her with tickets to a concert in Atlanta for her birthday. Much to Sydney’s surprise, Ståle decided to fly across the Atlantic that weekend to accompany her to that concert! Sydney said that when their eyes met in the airport, there were butterflies and some tears, but they embraced each other and kissed, and both of them knew they would find a way to be together.

Sydney and Ståle were married October 13, 2012, in Charleston, South Carolina. See their wedding featured HERE. (Several years later, and it’s still one of my all time favorite weddings!)

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