Georgia Family Portraits | Jimmy, Marriott, & Esther

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The reason I love photographing weddings is not only because I love the celebration of being wed (although, believe me: I do), but also because I love the very institute of marriage. I am a huge believer in whatever it is between a husband and a wife that holds the two together through the beautiful days and happy moments and bonds them even tighter during long sleepless nights, stinky car rides, and the glances that say, “I will love you always, but right now I don’t like you.” I think it’s called love. But it’s not the same kind of love that you have during your first dance as husband and wife. Well it is, but it grows exponentially as time goes on. You see, despite its momentary lapses in glamour, marriage  is even more beautiful than a wedding. It is a kind of beauty that you can’t always see but that you can feel. And that is why I consider it a huge blessing to photograph the stages of life that follow a wedding.

Life with a one-year-old fireball for a daughter is probably far from picture perfect, but this little family does an excellent job of making it look that way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph Esther and her precious parents on their family farm in south Georgia this past summer. Fantastic family and such a fun session! 

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  • Aharon Hill says:

    Aw, Hi Jimmy & Marriott~ Esther is beautiful and l love the photos! Miss seeing you guys in Atlanta!!!

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